About Rihal

Rihal is an Arabic word for journeys, as this blog is about lessons that I learned through my life journeys.
By now you know that my name is Nada. I am a woman from the Middle East, a Palestinian Refugee, a seeker on the path of life. I have always been curious about human beings and their life journeys, both internal and external, and that curiosity includes my own Rihal.
Over the years I was blessed with experiences, people and places that taught me and facilitated my spiritual growth. When I say spiritual, I really mean the quest to understand who am I, what’s my life purpose, how to become a better human being and how to make sense of life.
I have more questions than I have answers, however once we know the questions, we can always find the answers.
I love stories and I believe we have a free will to create stories that make our life more meaningful and joyful.
In sharing my life journeys, I hope you will become more curious about your Rihal and how they are transforming you.